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Our Inspiration....... Jacob

More than ten years ago, our beautiful twins were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD. Like you, our schedule was filled with endless behavioral, physical, occupational, and speech-language pathology hours. During this process, we realized that behavior Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) and naturalistic approach were phenomenal for our ASD child. In contrast, our ASD/ADHD child preferred and needed an approach that was more structured with some flexibility.  

The combination of behavioral training (ABA), educational therapy, neuroscience, and physical therapy has provided unique lenses through which we observe your child. We see your child as our own because we are a community of people who value and sacrifice much for our children. We will be honored to work with you and your family. We appreciate your insight and experience with your exceptional child/children. Our goal is to provide your child/children with behavioral,  academic, physical, or a combination of interventions that will work to address your child's needs as well as the entire family. Ultimately, the successful outcome is directly related to the hard work of the individual and their family.  

One of our clinicians has pursued a Master's in ABA and then Educational therapy in this sequence. She shares her hopes and dreams to provide the best place for our kiddos to thrive and be happy. In Jacob's Room, we are guided by your child's developmental, educational, psycho-emotional, and physical trajectory and outcome. Combining effective behavioral, educational, and physical interventions grounded in neuroscience in one therapeutic space can make a tremendous difference in learning and overall well-being. Ask Jacob.  


What we offer

  • Tutoring 

  • Educational Therapy 

  • Executive Functioning 

  • Behavioral and Educational Therapy 

  • Physical Therapy

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